IRW 2017 Results

Italy America Chamber of Commerce & SASSAIA: Italian Restaurant Week
Marketing Report
Event Dates: June 2nd – 9th 2017
Highlights: Social Media
  • Based on OpenTable reservations the event generated well over $37,000 and an average of $750 for each participant.
  • By the end of IRW, we gained 266 followers on Instagram and 456 followers on Facebook.
  • We posted 67 times on Instagram and 65 times on Facebook.
  • Facebook reached 725,968 users (this figure combines paid Facebook ads plus regular Facebook posts. Facebook doesn’t give a way to break it out separately).
  • Facebook posts had a total of 5,486 engagements (2,417 post likes, 176 comments on posts and 2,893 post shares).
    • The high number of post shares is a great sign of how engaging the event and content was for users on Facebook. Many of the comments are also post shares because the comment is a user tagging someone’s name to show them the post.
  • There were 4,844 clicks to the website from Facebook posts.
  • We received 3,824 likes on Instagram posts, averaging 57 likes per post.
  • Demographics
    • Facebook Fans
      • 73% female, 27% male
      • 26% were 35-44, 26% were 45-54, 22% were 25.34
    • Instagram
      • 62% female, 38% male
      • 25-34 age range is the largest part of Instagram fans
Google Adword Express Paid Advertising by SASSAIA:
Paid Social Advertising by SASSAIA:
  • We ran a IRW branding campaign on Facebook and Instagram from the beginning of May to the end of IRW.
    • Facebook
      • Impressions: 404,988
      • Link clicks: 5,132
    • Instagram
      • Impressions: 268,591
      • Link clicks: 183
  • We also ran Facebook ads for the restaurants pouring Sassaia wine for the week before IRW through the end of IRW.
    • Impressions: 15,361
    • Link Clicks: 388
  • Overall, the paid campaign reached 291,454 unique users with 688,940 post impressions and 5,653 link clicks to the website.
Facebook (Includes results from paid campaigns)
Followers 456
Posts 65
Total Post Engagements 5,486
Reactions 2,417
Comments 176
Shares 2,893
Link Clicks 4,894
Post Impressions 824,926
Users Reached 725,968
See Restaurant Results & Demographics on following page.
Restaurant Results:
ltaly America Chamber of Commerce & SASSALA

Seated Resos

Seated Covers

Covers Per Reso

Total Online Reservations


110 253 2.60


275 716 2.60


385 969 2.52

Estimated Restaurant Revenue






The IACC SASSAIA event in collaboration with OpenTable generated over 950 diners in NY alone which created over $37,000 in revenue for participating restaurants.
Demographics Data Continued following page.
Instagram Data:
Date Range May 5 – June 11
Followers 266
Posts 67
Total Likes 3,824
Likes Per Post 57
Recommendations for Future IRW
  • Timing & Preparation
    • Have a developed list of restaurants 60 days prior to the event in order to build out graphics
    • Graphics provided to all restaurants 30 days before event starts. This will give them time to post on their own social channels and promote to their fans
  • Requirements from Restaurants
    • High-resolution logo
    • Interior photos of each restaurant
    • Photos of food – More photos of the high-quality type of food offered during IRW would produce even higher engagement and interest from users
    • Prix fixe menu options – We saw several comments from users who wanted to see exactly what the prix fixe menu would be before they made a reservation. Having this would give us more content to post as well as encourage more reservations
  • Engagement with Food Influencers
    • Start reaching out to food influencers in the area 30-45 days before event starts
US Contact: Enrico de Alessandrini 917-864-0655

116 West 23rd Street, BLDG 5 FL-PMB556, New York, NY 10011

Federal Basic Permit: NY-I-21273